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Friday, March 2, 2012

Signing off for a couple of months

The last two weeks:
  • visitors! From Oz and England.
  • quick trip to Taupo; one night free camping in the van next to the fast flowing Waikato River (good) and the loos (bad); toasty thermal swim at de Bretts; grey and rainy
  • rented house while we are away in Sydney
  • decided we had to do something about the front entry, dogs' breakfast that it was - it aint now!
  • days and days getting house cleaned and ready for renters; i.e. Carol gets house ready; Mish finds one task that she does completely and absolutely thoroughly
  • decided renting house a pretty average idea.

Radio reporting storm arriving overnight in Wellington, 150km winds forecast, just in time for us to fly out tomorrow morning. Wellington airport can be hairy; tomorrow sounds like it's going to be rock 'n' roll.

It's so calm and warm here now, but we know the weather can change in a flash. Thirty sparrows are scoffing seed and bathing in the back yard, ha, little they do know what's coming - or do they? Baby sparrows vibrate when the parent is near with food, and there's some argy bargy going on.

Back to packing. Signing off for a couple of months while we're in Sydney.

Haere ra.

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