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Sunday, February 5, 2012

The hobbit

We have watched a film set go up across the water on the Miramar Pensinsula. It's a bunch of shipping containers stacked like Lego blocks. Through the telescope we can see machinery moving things around, cranes, trucks.
Weta shot some of Lord of the Rings on a film set on the same site, and now they're setting up to begin filming scenes from The hobbit.
There are film sets all over NZ for LOTR, and books and tours of sites and hobbit holes and all sorts of local industry still making the most of the filming of those three films.

We've been watching the LOTR trilogy with the 'about' dvds as well; we're half way through the second film today. Grey old day; calm, warm. Lazy Sunday. Had old school  friends over for lunch and we're into evening now and it's nice for snuggling in and watching a movie.

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