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Monday, January 30, 2012

IKEA for travellers

We've been selling stuff on NZ's version of ebay, Trade Me. Such a little house we have - it doesn't all fit in here. We've had reasonable success for most things, and great success for anything with the word 'Ikea' on it. Ikea has just opened a store in Auckland, so there's not much around in NZ. But people know the name, love the stuff, and hoover it up off Trade Me.

About a million NZers have been to Australia for holidays - I think they must have all gone to Rhodes and gone, cor.  One enterprising NZ company, called Mykea, takes orders from customers here and imports the goods to onsell.

So, anyone coming over, bring your old Ikea stuff!
Bung that chair into your bag and sell it when you get here. I sold my classic Ikea chair in a bidding frenzy. Bought it for about $400 when we lived at Manly Vale, that's...15 years lived outside at Roberston on the veranda for a while, getting damp. I cleaned it up to get it through NZ customs, bought a new seat cover, then Mish made me sell it a couple of months ago. Got $161 for it and happy with that, although I did actually like the chair. Ditto my laptop stand and now we have a glass noticeboard up for grabs. What fun!

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