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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Floor sanding and stinky house

I think the stinky house is the floor varnish, not Mish.

We spent last night on couches at Greg and Charmaine's place. Grand plans to take the van up to New Plymouth faded as the weather turned wet. Mish needed to harass the sander (in her best project manager way), and the business website needs fine tuning ASAP - so we stayed local.

We're back in the house now, and floor looks fabulous. But, we both have a headache. Have reconnected with internet, talked to the joiner re next step (kitchen), and after a bit of lunch we're heading out for a coastal walk to clear the head.

Sleeping in the van tonight in our back yard. Can't walk down the hallway to the loo until midnight, so - go the new 24 hour Maccas down in Johnsonville!


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