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Monday, October 17, 2011

Building site

Building works inside have slowed. Waiting for various things: stereo speakers from Auckland; kitchen joinery to be made. That kind of thing. Then there is the lining up of the workers. Next step: builder, electrician, tv guru guy to confer in living room and put tv into fireplace.

Outside, we have a growing pile of brick and concrete rubble for our mixed media gabions. Most of the concrete in our yard will get jackhammered and collected for wire cage gabions we're stacking along our northern fence.

We saw this idea in Perth WA. In the centre of Perth is an elevated community garden, with planter boxes and vegetables and fruit trees, and lunch time picnicers sitting on gabions that have been packed neatly with interesting rubble. It's a great way to reuse this kind of heavy rubbish and save it from landfill.

In the meantime we keep collecting.

We replaced a fence and are reusing the palings to make planter boxes for the new vegie garden. Mish is a shocking hammerer (no, really, she should be on YouTube), but I let her do a wee bit. She's also a pedantic sawer and driller, but she is an ace measurer. Scorpio.

We now have three monster boxes that we are shifting around the yard figuring out placement re sun and shadow, possible deck, paths, access, etc. And we're thinking about what to put in them to raise the base so that we don't spend a fortune on good soil. Vegies have piddly roots; even parsnips don't go down a metre.

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