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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Sunday afternoon at the weather station

There's another storm coming up from Antartica tonight so we're having a lazy Sunday at home watching wind, rain and cloud moving south across Wellington. Still got a bit of sunshine working through, but the temperature is falling fast. Snow acomin'. Can see half a dozen mad yachties out on the harbour. Getting in a quick sail, cause you have to make the most of a moment.

Mish briefed a quantity surveyor to price our multiple renovation options and his report is just in, (bugger), so we're about to make coffee and look at what we can and can't do. One thing we know - we can't do the good reno, the designer reno, the major, arty, creative one. But, the built environment has many choices between cave and castle, so we'll be doing something clever within that range.

Started to clear a space below the house yesterday for a shed and a wee orchard. Brother Greg came with his chainsaw, and he, wife Charmaine, Mish and I dispatched a few scrubby trees - the neighbour's dogs going arf arf the whole time. It's a pleasantly sunny and sheltered spot with a lovely old juniper , a couple of spindly pohutakawa, some big flax and native vines. So now we have an area for a big shed, a few fruit trees, and a compost of course. Now comes the harder work of getting rid of the roots and levelling the ground before the shed base can go down.

Went to a funny show at the Wellington Opera House last week: a Canadian comic doing his MacHomer, a Simpsons/Macbeth interpretation. The whole play with Simpsons' characters; if you like those two works you'd love this. 'Tis very clever. The WOH is a small and ornate Edwardian theatre in the city - and we got a park almost right outside. Fabulous.

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