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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Back in the classroom

Did my first day casual teaching yesterday - what a breeze. A nice, small, private gels school, close to home. I have picked my school targets carefully! And what lovely gels they were. A bit of senior English, junior science and food tech - all work provided and they just got on with it - almost criminal to pick up a day's pay for that, but I will haha.
It's been nine years since I stood in front of a class. Wo.
There was a discussion in the staffroom about Summer Heights High - one teacher who had seen it in Australia describing it to others - so I had a little smile to myself. Was also amused to hear very similar talk, e.g. whinging about the executive. 
NZ has a mad tv show set in a high school: Seven periods with Mr Gormsby. It plays occasionally on late night NSW tv, don't remember the station. It's pretty funny too, and out there in terms of teacher - pupil 'correct' behaviours.

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