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Monday, April 11, 2011

A Sunday drive

Took Mish for a drive through some local scenic country on Sunday. Up the Hutt Road alongside the blue/green harbour, then a walk on the Hutt River. It's a typical NZ river: very wide, loads of rocks, meandering sections with trout, and fast flowing shallow rapids. The Hutt River gently empties into Wellington Harbour.
On we went, heading north then turning west at Akatarawa to cut across country to the Kapiti coast. The road is a narrow, often single lane scenic drive. It winds over the Tararua mountain range and along ponga fern filled gorges, through paddocks, forests of native trees and pines, across creeks and one way bridges. We had a coffee at a deer park, with a tame pig wandering around the tables.
And then out we popped at the sea. Had a stroll along Otaki Beach and a paddle (well, Lola and I did) and Mish collected some driftwood art. Driving back down State Highway 1, the coast road to Wellington city, we stopped at a fruit ice cream stand to try some very interesting flavours. Two cows watched us despatch our ice creams, every last lick, and then we headed inland to do a back road circuit onto the main road. On that road we scored a cheap bag of yummy feijoas at a stall, and some free apples off a roadside tree. It's great to forage. And - bliss! We could walk around said tree in the LONG grass, and know there was nothing slithery in there that would sink its fangs into ya leg. Nice crisp apples too. Here's three images from that Sunday drive...

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  1. Ah the footloose and fancy free life of the unemployed! While Oz may have snakes, the earth moves in NZ - scarrrrry. Jude