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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Sibling sister's visit

The guest bed was scarcely cold from Jason's visit when sib # 2 arrived. We had a great time muckin around and showing Janey the Newlands house. She survived  meeting the Thomas-Thomson-Holding-Hewitt clan, including 6 week old baby Colton all the various dogs (Astro, Eddie, Buster and Lola of course, who was positively THER-RILLED). comment from Pat "they're (Janey & Mischa) like peas in a pod".  We had lots of girly moments with squeals and lots of laughing..

We managed to pack in ALOT including a great day trip to Greytown in the Wairapa where we saw fantastic furniture,  kitcheny stuff and clothes.  We also paid (2) pilgrimmages to Cuba street mall - place of seriously good vintage clothing shops and our FAVOURITE cafe - Ernesto's (almost daily visits!). The week flew by so fast...

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