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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Autumn greetings from Wellington

The weather is getting cooler: Mish is in thermals, but I'm still in shorts and tshirt. Robertson was obviously not enough climatisation.
We've spent one night in the new house. Settlement day we got there after dark, admired the city lights, made a cup of tea and snuggled down into sleeping bags on our camp stretchers. (The ones we dragged all the way to WA and back on the roof of the car - and used twice.) It was a cool night as the house has stuff all insulation and no heating. And someone was snoring.
Ok, it was me. And I am instructed to write what Ms Reid  had to wear in her sleeping bag: industrial earmuffs that we happened to find in a box marked 'kitchen'; a headlamp to read with as she couldn't sleep re snoring; and her full day outfit because she was 'freezing'.
We wandered about house and yard next morning going 'hey, its got a blahdy blah' and 'damn, it hasn't got a blahdy blah'. That's the fourth time we've been there and the best look around we've had. Mish is still drawing plans on butter paper and tossing them out, late into the night. One entire room in the rental is full of Mish's design reading material. A whole room! Plus her study where the plans get worked out, and out, and out, and back in, then out again.

Lola's white blood cell count is being obstreperous, so there are lots of blood tests. We have postponed the chemo as her T cell count seems to be coming up. Next dose scheduled for March 17.

If anyone can tell me how I can get Dee's photo of Butch and Carol out of my slideshow, I'd love to know. They aren't in my web album, but, once loaded onto the blog, there they is, whoever they are...

1 comment:

  1. Seems like you need an architect Mish, get your bro to help you out! These are Dave's words typed by Luus, on an unusually balmy Hobart evening!
    Mika sends all her loving licks to Lola!
    Bonnington is undergoing a serious rear make over! Holes dug and filled, drainage dramas won, and the plans have been changed!!!
    Don't tell Jase please!!
    xxxLuus, Dave, Mika