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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Searching for the right house

We have an internet connection, yay! And 100 boxes of shipped goods stacked in the garage (hooray for a double garage); and a car that's going beautifully; and a stand for the tv (a most useful thing that was missing for two days as boxes were getting unpacked); and recipe books (but not Michelle's recipe folder that she is pining for); and new bike helmets (cause the old ones are somewhere deep in the garage); and a fabulous new mattress; and  brilliant summer days that are not  40 degrees a la Sydney.

The shipped goods arrived last week, after shipping dudes called our street too narrow and charged us an extra $800 to bring the boxes in two smaller trucks. Yeah, right. Lucky we don't live in Brooklyn or Mt Victoria in the city, now THAT is hairy driving. Mischa's computer didn't turn on, and the new washing machine sounds like an untuned go kart - but it looks like everything else survived the Tasman crossing ok. As for the boxes that went straight to garage, well....we shall see when we finally unpack them in our new house. For the next 4 months, fingers crossed we don't get a good earthquake cause there will be toppling down in the garage, for sure.

We've been house hunting with a very wide brief, from vacant rural sections to a city house with all the mod cons. This is a brief guaranteed to freak real estate agents out, so we've been playing it up. Michelle likes looking at houses and property and researching on the net and open days; Carol doesn't. The best part about house hunting is the funky cafes you find, like today's lunch spot - the Bach Cafe, mere metres from crashing surf on rocks with views to the South Island across Cook Strait. And the mussell chowder was damn fine too.

This week - more house hunting and our first appointment with a canine cancer specialist to talk about Lola's post op chemotherapy options. Oh joy.

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