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Sunday, April 22, 2018

More works around the house

The fire pit just before we bricked an edge  around it. Smoking up the neighbours heheh. We now have a bench seat and the pit looks much more finished now. I pruned mum's bay tree down to a bush and we kept the lot for this fire. Threw on some branches and it crackled like fireworks and smelt fabulous.

Then last week my lovely uncle Earl passed. Mum's brother. Nice funeral with lots of family, music and motorbikes; as mum said, he would have loved it. We went back to mum's place for a bit of dinner.

Me, Greg and Cliff (gesticulating), with mum watching one of her favourite shows, The Chase.

Greg, Cliff, Ness, David and Mark in mum's little house.

Took mum over to see Arlene today and thought the stick combo was cute. Arlene just home after her second hip replacement, and Lizzie photo bombing.

Mish has worked all day on her planter box under fish, and a beautiful day it was too. Classic autumn. Now she's making baked lime yoghurt chicken mmmmm.


  1. Is the pit big enough for a hungi? Glad you gave your uncle a stylish send off. Jude

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