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Thursday, February 22, 2018

Long February days

Cyclone Gita swung by after smacking Tonga, and we had some weird weather. This is an eastern sunset which is a bit rare. Muted colour in an unusual place.

It was a typical storm at our place, wind and rain, but just north and south of Wellington got hammered with gale force winds and floods. Trees down, roads out, roofs off, beach washed away.

It's been so warm the cloud can't get away. The sea is balmy and most swimmable.
An afternoon view from the living room, looking west to Mt Kaukau.

The week before, Mish and I had a paddle at Plimmerton watching a solid cloud bank on the sea. Thick as. That's the South Island on the obscured horizon, Mana Island on the right.

And we walked by some interesting brick mosaics by the water. They copped very big waves at high tide. Hope they are still there!

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