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Friday, January 19, 2018

Mid summer swims and butterflies

Beach weather.

At Worser Bay last weekend. Even Mish got in.

Snorkled around the rocks - some lovely green lipped mussels hanging out.

At Lyall Bay today. Didn't even need the wetsuit. Baby waves but nice for an actual swim. Large pod of dolphins smashing fish across the bay for hours, leaping out of the water and chasing them around. Most engaging.

Looking into Cook Strait from my comfortable and uncrowded spot on the sand -  interislander ferry heading to Picton in the distance. This is like being on holiday!

Meanwhile in Newlands, they're baaaaaaaaaaaack!!

Monarch caterpillars munching away on last year's swan plants. Plenty of leaf action here so bro Cliff and kids brought some of their caterpillars over when they ran out of leaves. Hope we have better luck than last year: total flutter byes from lots of caterpillars and cocoons = zero.


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