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Saturday, November 4, 2017

Work begins to prettify the bottom of the yard

And about time!

For six years it's been a dog's breakfast of dumped materials, weeds, rock hard soil, two trees that struggle, and the compost, which has actually done reasonably well and finally has good old worms.

So the rejuvenation is on.

Here's the starting point, compost on right. Our plan is to shift it over to the left. The major work though is a wood/metal trellis along the boundary fence, over which we'll grow jasmine and whatever will handle low sun and wind. At the moment it's quite a nice area down here, good sun and reasonably sheltered, but there's a house going up at our back which will stuff that up a bit.

Next photo - we scored a long metal gate which will get attached to the posts. There's the vacant block, but it's sold and the plans are in. We want to block that view.

Next photo - post hole digging, concrete mixing, and posts start to go in. Much levelling and pondering the design, as you can imagine.

Compost is on the way over (much shovelling). It's bigger, better built with defined sections, and will be better rain proofed. Still made with pallets - they are so useful. And the back is still the heavy spud ugly sliding door that was in the main bedroom when we bought the house. Much better in use as a compost back. Swan plants in foreground,. We're hoping we have better luck with the monarch butterflies this year and they should be laying eggs pretty soon.

That's as far as we've got.