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Sunday, July 23, 2017

Makara Beach walk

Makara is due west of here, about 20km of winding road through paddocks by a creek. Last weekend we got a one day break in the weather (wind, cold, sleet, rain, etc. the usual) and went for a walk up to WW11 gun emplacements at Makara.

Beautiful day.

This is the beginning of the walk up the hill. Makara Beach around the corner on the right and wind turbines not moving on the ridge. Bit of a scramble in parts, right on the edge.

Looking south, bottom of the North Island and top of the South Island. No orca today...well, we didn't see any. Great view from here: snow on the Kaikoura range top of the South Island, and snow on the Tararua range lower North Island.

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