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Sunday, June 11, 2017

Weekend trip to country North Island

Friday we headed up the line to the town of Feilding (yes, spelt like that).

Took about an hour to get out the driveway - van got stuck in the wet grass centre of driveway, sigh. Had to dig the bastard out and get grippy stuff under the wheels. One of the neighbours came to help; we'd helped her do the same thing with her van a few months ago. Mish and the neighbour sat in the back for a bit of weight and eventually the wheels gripped on a bit of driftwood and we squirted onto the road.

Mish had just got a quote for concreting our patch of gravel between driveway and road, so we might do that. And replace light van with a car - definitely doing that!

Feilding is a small town just past Palmerston North in the middle of the island. It's cow country and the town has a cattle sale yard. About a 2 hour drive from here. We went up for a craft and art and vintage show, which was a bit underwhelming (lots of doilies and baby outfits, that kind of thing). Mish did get some wool for felting and miscellaneous arty and foodie things. We've been tucking into peanut butter toast with flax and chia seeds this afternoon.

But we had a nice drive and decided to come back to the little city of Levin and stay the night at a B&B. Had a lovely night - got Indian takeaway  in town and came back to our garden courtyard and dined outside by the pizza oven fire.

Saturday we did the Levin op shops, found a cupboard for the wash house, and dropped in on friends on the way home.

Autumn, getting bombarded with leaves at a cafe table.

Hokio Beach, Levin's beach. One snapper that died a natural death.