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Sunday, June 25, 2017

Sean and Mish discussing shed construction. Much measuring and drawing.  Sean is a couple of doors up, a handyman and he helps us keep the monster privet hedge under control.

So he will build the shed base and then assemble the kit under the PM's instructions. We've decided to deck the whole front entry, over the asphalt, so it goes right up to the new bike shed.

Should be great!

Dishwasher went bung last night and drained water into the kitchen. Oops. Mopped up, pulled the machine out, and found a holed connection. I think it's just wear and tear; Mish thinks rats. So, we have to wash up.

Bit of sun and warmth today so had  a waterfront walk. Oriental Parade, looking back to the city. Some  yachts, rowers, kayakers, but only a dog eager to chase a stick actually in the water (ignoring the 'no dogs anytime' sign).

Saturday's cloud going through.


  1. Am looking forward to hearing about progress on the new shed. And good luck with the dishwasher repair. Wouldn't be surprised if a rodent had had a gnaw. Jude

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