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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Anzac Day ride to Pencarrow Head

A beautiful autumn day. Warm and windless. We drove around the harbour to Eastbourne and the end of the road, then cycled out to the bottom of the island and Pencarrow. That's about 8km and lots of people had the same idea today.

Had a picnic and a beachcomb and enjoyed the surf for a bit.

Mish in a broken paua shell.

Then, as we had the bikes in the van, we stopped at a shed place and made free with all the sheds. Putting the bikes in, and taking them out, and much measuring of course. No one around, so that was fun. We're aiming to get the ebike out of its portable shed (the van) and into a shed beside the house, with the other bike and a workbench and power! (For the Mish power tool collection.)

That will make three sheds on our property, which is probably enough...

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