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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Judy 1923-2016

365 days of missing you so much mother. Sometimes for a second I forget you've gone.
My favourite tea, usually placed on the bed as a welcome home present, isn't there - or when I eat a delicious prawn dish that I know you'd really enjoy - and then I remember.

I especially miss your beaming smile and your incredible nurturing love and support that you gave and gave to me, to all us kids and to dad. You were always interested in hearing about my news and proud of me. Always 'thrilled to bits' to do things together and tackle any adventure with gusto.
You really embraced the true spirit of travel; being open to appreciate different cultures, customs and cuisines. Over the decades you steadfastly kept in touch with your many overseas friends via Christmas cards and letters.
You were often self deprecating - too much so. Downplaying your achievements (co head girl at Meriden, graduating from Sydney Uni aged 20 with a science degree in 1943). But your intelligence and love of learning shone through all your life with a constant interest in science, languages and  prodigious reading. You also had a phenomenal memory for people's names, places you'd traveled and phone numbers. Family and friends' birthdays were never forgotten and you were the oracle when it came to spelling and grammar.

I'll never forget you and dad whupping Carol and me at tennis when you were in your 80's for god's sake. And you had an earth shattering sneeze that could wake the dead.True grit.

I will always be in awe at your unflinching stoicism - you never ever complained, despite being in pain (because that would be 'BORING!!').

Dressing down wasn't your style either - you always dressed so well and looked beautiful.

I'm so proud of you - after your death your decision to be a donor enabled your corneas to be transplanted to give better sight to someone in need.

Lastly, dad and I measured your Sequoia today. You'd be chuffed to know its over 100 feet tall and looking truly impressive. Must be all that lovely rain you're sending its way.


  1. How wonderful, Mischa. Every word is true and so full of love. Well done!

  2. Thank you sis, yes, much love indeed. xx