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Sunday, December 4, 2016

House and yard duties

Last night we went to a concert in town, Orchestra Wellington playing two new pieces and Holst's Planets, with visuals from the observatory. That was pretty cool - film and animations from Hubble and NASA.

Four rows back from the stage, we looked up into a timpani. The white table centre of photo is a glass box that pivoted to roll pebbles, so it sounded like waves rolling pebbles on the shore. Ooh ahh, experimental.

Saturday food markets in the street next to concert hall fed us dumplings after the concert, then a 5 minute walk to car and a 10 minute drive home. Little city; fabulous.

Mish finished two projects this weekend: pots and pots of cuttings for me to take to work tomorrow and sell as a fundraiser, and a shelf /hanging system at the front door.

Almost there, everything in its place. Much measuring, drilling, levelling, etc.
Another good shake down south this afternoon (rated severe as it was shallow), just a tremor here.

So let me take you on a guided tour of the new system. From the bottom: twisted cutlery on a coat rack, shelf  over top; cap hooks on those great hooks that open and close with one action; shelf system remade from junky piece bought in op shop; hats on top. Mish chuffed. Much more room at front door - and she's added a book shelf in the walkway.

Out to a nursery this morning, took mum for a jolly jaunt with lunch, and back to potter around the yard. Mostly grey day, but calm and warm and I got  a widdle sunburnt.

Mish made burnt butter sage pasta for dinner - mmm mmm. Got a week's supply of fruit and veg at the local farmers' market this morning (nice big dark green broccoli $1; same in supermarket Friday, $3). Love the Sunday market: the first apricots are here from the South Island and sweet as, plums and cherries just arrived too, and paw paw are back. Yum! Aussie mangoes slowly coming down in price but still $4 each - won't have a bar of the Mexican, Ecuadorean, Filipino, Peruvian ones - we get them all and they are scrawny and fibrous and ugh unluscious. Saving myself for Kensington Pride in Sydney.

More repurposing. Latest pot totem - looking back to house.

Looking down from the house, Leunig driftwood bird in a busted concrete post, the latest pot totem, and the old Hills Hoist now doing good duty as a bird feeder.