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Thursday, November 17, 2016

Wellington update

Thursday: shaky, wet, southerly blowy, and cold.

We're feeling several shakes a day here; but this evening the count is 2600 since 12:02 Monday, so most aftershocks are being felt in the top of the South Island. We're told it will go on for months, hopefully with nothing big. (I'll be pulling the bedcovers over my head again, going - stop!)

And it's raining again. What next - locusts, a plague of boils?

Flood waters have gone down so we don't need any more rain, thanks. Landslips everywhere around town, mud pushed off roads into piles to be cleared away when things settle, roads closed, diversions round the world. More buildings identified in the city as being at risk of falling, so tape is up and areas cordoned off. Some are new buildings, so questions being asked.

Rescue work in Kaikoura hampered by this lousy weather. Trucks can't get in. Water, food and sewerage are major issues.

But the navy has sailed into Kaikoura, and sailed out with a shipload of tourists to Christchurch. An American ship and an Aussie ship visiting for NZ navy 75th anniversary are also sailing to the rescue. They get to do good works!

That's the end of the working week for me - yay.

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