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Friday, November 25, 2016

Wellington Botanic Gardens

A rainy Friday walk in the gardens. With picnic and blow the drizzle. That's why raincoats were invented.

There's a storm coming up from the south, so thought we would get a bit of outdoor activity in before the weekend disappears in wind and rain.

Mish under a big linden tree.

We scoffed our lunch out of the rain in the rotunda next to the lake. Bloody pigeons kept harassing us wanting a handout (I don't like pigeons) but we did enjoy watching the duck derrieres - looking silly as they upended to hoover the bottom of the pond. And we did see a large rat - bold as you like, looking for food on the terrace.

Earlier in the week we had lunch at Oriental Bay and from our outside table looked across the harbour to the wharves and saw stacks of containers that have jiggled about in the Kaikoura earthquake. The logs on another part of the wharves look like a pickup sticks game.

Latest tally in the city is five buildings to be taken down ASAP and the structure of a few more in doubt.

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