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Monday, October 24, 2016

4 day weekend

Labour Day weekend.

We've pottered around all weekend. Bit of shopping, bit of mum house painting, moving plants and  striking new plants here. Lounged on the deck for about two hours yesterday, just watching clouds and birds in the yard. Very pleasant. Even a tui came through to grab a couple of bugs on the wing, and then a paddle and a drink in the bird bath - that's a first.

They have been checking the flax flowers, and today the flower stems have opened and the tui have already been for a very close look.

Had a lovely day at Zealandia today, walking a track we hadn't been on before. Lots of bird activity as it's warming up - spring!

Saw a few saddlebacks, gathering insects on the ground and here, in a hollow tree:

Did the Fuchsia Loop track which was away from the crowds and into a gully with a creek and  tree fuchsia.

At the top of that track we had  a great view across the whole harbour. Here's part of the perimeter fence - keeping out cats, stoats, rats, etc. - looking down to the city.

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  1. So good to have a laid back long weekend. Was the end of Bird Week here and counted some feathered friends in the backyard. Of course no tuis or saddlebacks. Jude