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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Scientific curiosities of Newlands

Number 1
Across the Johnsonville valley, we often see one window reflect the sun in a blaze of light. Just one, amid all those other houses. Is the sun's angle so precise - not a bathing light - that it can hit one plane only?

Number 2
We have an infestation of something, perhaps a grass grub, in our patch of grass. And they are leaving, pushing out of the lawn, like Alien, breaking out of their casing and perhaps flying away. Google unable to ID these tonight.

But, the next day...

Mish says they are the porina moth casing. The porina caterpillar chomps away underground, on OUR grass, getting bold enough to turn into a moth and emerge at night to scarper with 100 odd eggs to make more porina caterpillars.


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