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Sunday, August 23, 2015

Out and about

Lots of events happening in Wellington - food, arts etc. Important stuff! Friday night was a lovely evening and we wandered around the waterfront looking at this year's Lux installations. Some dazzlers and some daggy works.

Bit of fun. I went in there - it's plastic lunch boxes.

Went for a walk in the local Otari Wilton's bush last weekend, that's always nice for a stroll among the natives. Had a cup of tea at a high point called the flax clearing (always the flask and a little something in the pack). Watched  a bunch of fantails zipping about, bug snaffling in the late afternoon light. Someone had woven a flower in a flax bush beside us.

This is one of the starters for apprentice flax weavers, and we have a few around the place. 

Yesterday was warm and calm and we heffed soil and rocks and plants around the yard. The front garden is looking a bit more respectable (weeding will do that). Yanked out a large scruffy something that Mish had been cultivating - it's been encroaching on my herbs for TOO long. Bye bye. She went wah! and put it somewhere else.

The steps to the bottom of the yard are great and we're now going sideways and landscaping the walk down to the bottom. The bird feeder (the old Hills hoist clothes line) now has some big stepping stones under it - part of the old garage pad. We'd chucked the biggest chunks of concrete down there four years ago, in anticipation of using them for something that finally happened. 
And now we have a couple of achy backs.

Sunday - another nice day. Been playing on the internet radio this morning, listening to a bit of Triple JJJ and the ABC and a Goons episode. 

Just some gentle movements today I think. 

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