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Sunday, July 19, 2015

Weekend of fun in the city

Mish came back from Sydney on Friday's midnight flight and we had a lazy morning with tea and paper. Then we headed into the city and had a lovely afternoon strolling through galleries and coffee shops and then a 'surprise' night at the Amora.

Booked in there and walked over the road to Te Papa to see the Gallipoli exhibition. They've used oversize and incredibly realistic modelling (from Weta Studio) to depict the 1915 landscape and battles on the peninsula.


Wandered back into town and thought we needed a pub crawl after that (as we discovered neither of us has ever been on a pub crawl). Well, it was pretty mild: three bars and back at the hotel by 8 pm. And the last bar was a hot choc (great live music though).

Weather turned foul while we were walking around and we had beanies and raincoats on, and the famous Wellington Blunt umbrella, and then we saw this guy coming the other way. Temperature is about a wind chilled 2 at this point:

View from the hotel room. Looking at Aotea Lagoon and the edge of the CBD is on the left.

This weekend was the ComicCon geek fest in Wellington (with all sorts of bizarre outfits wandering around). As we checked out of the hotel we met a gathering of princesses in the foyer (from Mario Bros video games apparently).

Then we shot up to Raumati, via a French cafe, and met a couple of friends who are looking at a house there. Mish put in her two cents worth about that. Off to another cafe for a debrief about the house and our next stop was a walk at Pukerua Bay, yet another bookshop, and an mmm mmm mmm ice cream. 

Dropped in for a cup of tea with mum on the way back and now we're home and both pooped.
Nice weekend!

1 comment:

  1. What a fun weekend (except for the weather). Can imagine the goosebumps on that guy. I have my own Blunt umbrella to cope with working on the most windy corner in the city. Jude.