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Sunday, May 24, 2015

Another great Sunday

Started with a green load run to the city tip, with a van full of branches and weeds and clippings - doesn't take much to get to 100 kg of green waste. That'll be $5.50 thanks, and then off we went for a walk along the south coast at Owhiro Bay.

   Loads of paua treasures, many of the shells intact and tiny, like this baby.

It was cold out of the sun, so didn't go all the way to the seal colony; turned back and headed into the Sunday market at Chaffers Wharf. Very popular all along the waterfront today as the sun began to warm the air - out came the runners and bikers and skaters and paddlers (not too many swimmers though).

Walked by the Port Nicholson Yacht Club and as it has recently dropped the poncy restaurant for an affordable cafe in a groovy location, we strolled in for some brunch. Mish had the tenderest calamari 'ever'.

Walked on to the fruit and veg market, and then back along Oriental Bay to have an afternoon ice cream on a bench on the promenade. Watched a light breeze taking the Carter Fountain like a veil across the city, and four hardy souls swimming.

Got home late afternoon and spent a happy couple of hours reading like a couple of sunbathers in the living room, with the French doors open. Autumn!

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