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Saturday, April 25, 2015

Anzac Day 2015

Thousands of people heading to services and memorials across Australia and New Zealand, and, of course, Gallipoli. An emotional day in the colonies, one hundred years on from the debacle of the Gallipoli landing.

Ness, Mark and I went into the dawn service in the city, along with the rest of Wellington. Well, it felt like everyone was there - the count was about 30 000 people. An astonishing number of people walking in  from nearby suburbs - Hataitai, Newtown, Mt Victoria. We were way back and watched and listened to speeches and songs on a big screen. A big, quiet, standing crowd. No photos, no phones.

The NZ GG and the Australian GG were there, and the Turkish envoy - 'your sons are our sons'.

We were home having poached eggs for breakfast when we saw GG Costello fly out in an air force plane for Canberra; our GG Sir Jerry Mataparae flew over later. It has been a day of solidarity, a real Australia-New Zealand day.

Walking the dogs with Mark and Ness after breakfast, still early. Looking south across Miramar to the harbour entrance.

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