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Friday, August 15, 2014

Stormy Friday

But we're toasty at the kitchen table: Mish researching blenders and me doing this and listening to The Beatles. Had some big winds, hail, plummeting temperatures, etc. over the last few days. Even a thunderstorm, which is not common here, and a lightning strike cooked a wind sculpture down by the airport: a huge needle that will bend with the breeze no more.

Also had some nice sunrises. Not to skite, but this is what we see in the morning when we awake in winter (well, OK, this is a telephoto shot) but it's almost this big (amazing how the human eye compensates).

Marlborough's Sacred Mountain
The peak of Mount Tapuae-o-Uenuku, which can be seen from all over Marlborough - and from parts of Christchurch, Taranaki and Wellington on a clear day, is New Zealand's tallest peak (2885 m) outside the Southern Alps.
The first written reference to the mountain was made on February 7, 1770, by Captain James Cook as he sailed through Cook Strait:  "Over this land appeared a Prodigious High Mountain, the summit of which was covered with snow." 6

Pretty awesome eh!

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  1. What a good shot - awesome really ... jealous of the view! Jude