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Saturday, May 31, 2014

Saturday: the last day of autumn (pre global warming calendar)

Nice day for a cycle.

This is my turnaround point on the new Tawa-Porirua cycleway today. Good spot for a picnic (noted) as it's beyond the main drag and quiet as. Apart from the Paradise Shellducks having a good old stoush that is (they upset the seagulls who are leaving here).

A pleasant 10km pedal alongside Kenepuru Stream.

So, winter tomorrow eh? Same forecast as today (grand), so have left the bike in the car in anticipation and as I roast some vegetables tonight (yum) I'm thinking about a seaside cycle tomorrow...


  1. Glad you are doing some scenic cycling - good for body and soul. Jude

  2. Yes, excellent. Faster than walking, eh?