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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Day off - just for the hell of it

A grey drizzly day, but what the hell - we slept in, had leisurely tea and paper reading in bed, then jumped in the van and went OUT.

First stop was a gutter we know where autumn leaves like to gather. Oh yeah, filled a few bags with lovely rich leaf compost (now piled below where they'll mulch down for a few months - the Mish instruction).

Left the gutter and dropped into Moore Wilson's warehouse deli for a coffee and spices and a loaf of sourdough etc. Picked up the mail, came home, turned down the slow cooker with tonight's soup in it, made a flask of tea and some cheese sandwiches and went OUT.

Headed into the city and through to the other side and the south coast, to Owhiro Bay, place of seals and kelp. Raining at this stage so we polished off sandwiches and tea in the van looking at Cook Strait, then walked along the rocky beach for an hour or so. It's a marine reserve so all we collected was a bit of plastic rubbish and some broken red brick pieces (an ongoing project).

That is a tiny paua shell (and a sprig of baby kelp).

Drove around the coast to check out the Spruce Goose cafe. Great location and not packed like it usually is, being a Tuesday afternoon. Nice to sit inside and watch the Lyall Bay surfers.

Popped around the corner to look at microwaves and bought a replacement for the one that Mish cooked a couple of weeks back. (That's what happens when you think you've got the timer going and you've actually got the microwave going. It turns on itself. Nasty.)

And home around the bays - a marine circuit of western Wellington.
Still drizzling, but heating is on, soup is ready, music videos are playing on the tv - a great day off!


  1. Here's to more days off like this - well spent! Jealous Jude

  2. Lots more days like this! Work cuts such a hole in your day/week/life.