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Tuesday, April 8, 2014


There goes autumn and heeeeeeeere's winter!
When the wind shifts to the south temps fall, clouds settle on the hills, and breezes pick up. And it's raining - which is rather nice as we're pretty dry in these here parts (brown hills instead of our usual rolling green).

Tonight is about 10, with wind chill taking that a couple of degrees lower.

Mish is in Sydney for a few days for Janey's birthday and familial encounters. We were up at 4am this miserable morn to head off to the airport, then I went on to work. Wore a beanie most of the day in the office, still a bit drafty around the ears.

 Just heard they've closed the airport tonight - fog and low cloud and poor visibility.

So now it's only early but I'm thinking about that seductive electric blanket at the other end of the house ...

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