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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

A day in the city

Walked Lambton Quay - Wellington's golden mile - checked out bookshops and cafes and shops . Paused at the glorious corymbia ficifolia outside the biggest wood building in NZ and took in the murmuring of innumerable bees.

Walked up past the Beehive (parliament), which leaks - hence the works going on there. We have a mild debate going on about the flag (let's get rid of it; ooh let's not; let's have the silver fern for a flag; no way, and so on). No republic debate. Yet.

Through the grounds of the new and old parliaments, admiring an old linden (tilia somethingfolia)...

..and into the National Library which has been rejuvenated with a welcoming entrance and a nice cafe area. Cruised an exhibition of NZ inventions (the disposable needle did you know?) and admired the 'beating' heart and the amazingly fast flow through arteries. The photographer was entranced watching the beats and colours, knowing that it duplicated what was happening to her heart at that moment. Gosh.

Back along Lambton Quay to Wellington Library, another coffee in the cafe over the books, and a successful shoe purchase at one of Wellington's funkiest shoe shops - Gubbs. Walked back to the car along The Terrace (which literally was a terrace above Lambton Quay waterfront once upon a time) and headed over to Miramar for a slap up feed at Ness and Mark's. There we found three blokes putting an engine back in a bike: brothers Cliff and Greg and bro in law Mark. Assisted by filming the exercise and standing back when heavy lifting was required.

 While they figured out what bolt went where, watched a bit of the winter Olympics and listened to mum and Ness jibber jab about their recent gall bladder ops.

All in all, a great day off!

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  1. Yes looks like a fun day & time to revamp the look of the blog. The tilia is either americana or platyphyllos or cordata or tomentosa, probably. Heading to Fiordland tomorrow, Jude.