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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Wind(less) shaky Wellington

Having one of those days where it pours, it's cold, then it gets warmer, now clearing, low cloud goes through, sunshine!, mist, pouring, blowy, calm - etc. Never a dull weather moment.

Can't wait to have working hands again...

Here's a couple of news items from Wellington:
Last Saturday was so calm, a Virgin flight to Brisbane couldn't leave Wellington airport  until 20 people got off. Hilarious! They got everyone on, and then the crew had to bribe people to get off - which they did - to cheers and applause from the other passengers. Fancy. We have had some very still days. That's due to change this weekend: forecast is icy and strong southerlies.

We're still having lots of small shakes following the biggie that has cracked buildings in the CBD. Lots of red stickers around town (unsafe and will probably have to come down). Most aftershocks are too weak to feel. Heard yesterday that they felt the main shake on the ferry, which was in the strait at the time, apparently it shook the ship and the captain came on and told passengers they'd just ridden a quake.

In one of the local pools they were having a 5 year old kids' party, which was going swimmingly until the quake caused large waves in the pool and the kids are going under and mothers are jumping in! Exciting.

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