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Monday, June 24, 2013

Cleaning up

There's much chainsawing, hammering and bulldozering of storm rubble around town. Damage in the millions, that's just Wellington. We spent yesterday cleaning up here - the more we looked the more we found, usually to do with branches blown off their tree. More fuel for the famous berm out the front. It grows and grows, creating a sheltered garden (that's the plan) for hardy vegetables. Things are looking pretty sad in there right now.

Last night (Sunday) was cold and crisp and calm. Quite a change! We went into the city to see a light show, sculptures on the streets. Best part was on the waterfront, around Te Papa and the park. There's an Andy Warhol exhibition on at Te Papa and we had our photo taken and projected onto the building. The light show was aided by a full moon, the normal artistic lightning on the waterfront, lots of people around, and the phosphorescence in the still harbour. Wandered around for a bit, some of it was daggy, but some was pretty cool. Had a hot choc in a trendy bar, an energetic walk, and home to the electric blanket - oh, yeah.

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