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Monday, June 10, 2013

Balmy Monday

Winter comes and goes here. One day it is a howling southerly, bins banging down the road, flights into Wellington diverted; next day - calm and mild, puffetty wee clouds hanging in blue skies, and roll up your sleeves. Global warming!

On the worst night, about a week ago, a waka (canoe) with about a dozen people on it was stranded out in Cook Strait, they had to ride it out until morning. They paddled down from Napier for Matariki, the Maori celebration of winter when the Pleiades are high in the sky. Poor buggers - they were cheerful on the radio though. One of them said they'd paddled this thing around the Pacific and across to San Francisco, and it was the worst weather they'd been in. 'Twas a rough night.

I didn't take the bike to work for a couple of weeks.

Mish just had a few days in Sydney. She didn't see a lot of friends. It was family time. She caught up with cousins; her aunt Naomi passed away in Canberra while she was there. The Reids flew down for the funeral and Mish spent some quality time with the family.

And I'm glad she's back, even though I have to give up the van and get back on the motorbike.
Haven't seen the painter for over a week, he's gone AWOL (he phoned tonight and he's back on Wednesday). Mish bought him duty free cancer sticks so he shall return...had to mop up leaking windows when I was here on my own, so we're looking forward to getting them sealed properly.

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