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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Snuggly buggly at home with a Mish fish pie & movie

Nothing earth shattering to report this evening...waiting for tea to brew and for Mish to email her niece before we watch a DVD...aaah, Thursday night ('tis almost Friday!):

  • house window frames getting painted by a sweet Vietnamese guy (plus a bit of bogging where a great soft chunk of one frame dropped out - oops, that was vintage 1959 - there could be more of that on the south side)
  • front door is also going to get a lick of paint; the interior designer is baulking at the vivid crimson tester she's taped to the outside of the door (but it looks GREAT!)
  • Mish doing a bit of outside window frame scrubbing, one step ahead of the painter...
  • ...and happily mowing our square inch of emerald turf with her new handmower (between showers)
  • had to make a service call for the dishwasher the day after we bought it for heaven's sake (all good - that's what happens when two amateurs tackle whitegoods plumbing and get their power tools out in a small kitchen)
  • van having intermittent blinker issues (yes it works; no it doesn't; yes it works really fast; no it doesn't)
  • bike blew over today (wasn't on it - hooray). I'd taken the van to work cause the weather was a bit windy rainy grey miz, and Mish didn't need it. Picked the bike up when I got home and no damage; we continue to dream of a garage - but we won't build one (next house, we say)
  • Mish doing pilates; me doing yoga
  • both of us going off John Key (the NZ prime misery)
  • we started a flax weaving course at night school this week and wove putiputi flowers from one flax leaf (whenu)- more on this anon 
  • southerly roaring through tonight...

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  1. Ah...all I can say is life aint half bad for you two!! Wish I was there to share in it all! Very grey and cold here (Canberra) today, back home (Bundy)tonight...extra cold there lol..very arty farty shot of Mss Carol! Lots of love to you both Merran xxxx