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Friday, March 1, 2013

Work work work

A quick update as Mish fluffs around the house doing stuff she doesn't need to do as we are on the way to the airport in a few minutes. Stay focused on packing Michelle.

A work update:
Mish has succumbed to reality and packed in the kitchen job - it was never her thing, a sales based commission only job. But, she gave it a good shot and learnt a bit. She's winding that up. I've scored a job as an editor at the Open Polytechnic, NZ's government distance education provider. We're thrilled about that - right up my alley and located in an old high school close to here - I'll feel right at home. It's 10 years since I had a full time job, so that is going to be shock.

We're off to Auckland this morning, meeting the Reid family there and ferrying over (OMG now she's vaccuuming!) ...where was I, ferrying over to Waiheke Island for five days. Then we all decamp back here for five days. The weather has been fantastic all over NZ, weeks and weeks of warm and calm, with people saying they can't remember a better summer. We are hovering around 22 degrees daily, which is the scientists' number for ultimate human comfort - hooray! But we're needing some rain.

So, have packed togs and will be on the lookout for cruising great whites (might stick to kayaking so I can whack 'em with the paddle).  Time to get out the door.

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