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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Summer days

Went for an evening stroll down on Petone foreshore yesterday. Petone was the landing place of the British settlers in 1840; it's just below us and about 7/8 minutes drive. Beautiful evening - lots of activity: dogs; rowers; swimmers (although it's so shallow there you can walk out for 100 metres and be up to your waist). Always nice to get away from the computer for a walk on the beach.

Mish has two appointments today and another tomorrow busy busy, much drawing up of kitchen designs. She went out today in her gangster outfit (pin striped suit) and I keep saying she should walk around with the ukelele case under her arm, but she won't be in it.

The builders are still here...backyard is taking shape AND we have finally finished the gabions. Mish wanted to continue the line with several smaller ones, taking the cages down the block to an ugly plumbing inspection point (which we no longer see). With our recycled concrete driveway, bricks and metal bits all stacked in gabion baskets, we have industrial chic. Got the excavator to scrape a path beside them, and we'll gravel that sometime. Scored a round glass table at the tip and have created a bird bath that no bird is showing interest in - yet. Maybe they prefer it on the ground where it was. Way too many cats around - there's a anti cat push here at the moment, with pollster Gareth Morgan going into battle against free ranging cats. Pass me my Supersoaker...

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