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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Raining, and out comes a big window...

Pouring actually - and that reminds us how little rain we have had in the last two years. Had a lovely moment this morning, as thick fog blew through the Johnsonville valley below us and we looked over it to see hills and houses revealed and covered and revealed and covered. Then it came down like a blanket and we can see zip from here now.

The builders are here now, hammering, drilling, and cutting out the window facing the deck to put in the french doors. (If I didn't have a mountain of paperwork covering the dictionary on the desk, I'd look it up: French doors or french doors?) Whatever it is, it's a monster and it goes in today. Luckily the weather is coming from the south and that working side of the house is a little protected.

Sold the car. It shot past the reserve as we watched the online auction in the kitchen. Goodbye Airtrek, woohoo! Mish and I have always had our own car, so we shall see how a one car family works in practice (plus motorbike of course!). So glad I don't have to go out on the bike today.


  1. It's French doors with a capital F according to Macquarie dictionary. Jude

  2. Thanks ever so. I have done some filing and revealed the Mac on the desk. I shall write French doors from this moment.Hope it is less than 45 for you this weekend.