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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy New Year!

To all our families and pals across the world, a most happy and peaceful and productive 2013.

We just had Christmas/New Year in Sydney and it was a fast feast as usual. Bada bing and back again: New Years Day. Mish returns to work on Monday to sell wok loads of kitchens, so we have a few days to potter around here: carpentering, concreting, car polishing, whipper snippering, etc.

Wellington had its hottest Christmas Day since 1934 - 29 degrees, do you believe it?! - while we had 15 and rain up at Castle Hill. We prefer that. The family here were on house watch and watering duty while we were away, so the lettuces and spuds and pumpkins pulled through and everything has grown - nice.

We are also very happy to announce the arrival of one apple on the columnar apple tree in our 'orchard'. Woohoo!

So, on with the Year of the Snake - and did I perhaps mention that New Zealand doesn't have while we are standing in the long grass, contemplating an apple on a tree, nothing is going to slither over our feet - hooray!


  1. Have a great 2013, and go snakes! from Snake Jude.

  2. Hi girls...HAPPY NEW YEAR, so lovely to see you, looking forward to being with you at Easter...thanks for the fireworks photos I was in bed at 9pm lol so didnt see anything! Good luck kitchen selling Mishy! xx lots of love Merran

    1. Hi hun I'm glad you enjoyed my pics. Quiet on the kitchen front this week so I was on call. Hopefully more kitchen client action next week. Very gusty tonight - about 80kms per hour. Makes for an atmospheric night. Lovely seeing you too. Next time - in NZ! cheers, Mischa