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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Hammered and edged

What a fabulous deck we have - on the western side of the house, all set for gin and tonics and a summer setting sun. She also gets brunch sun which will be handy on weekends. Mark and Ness helped design and construct, and that's their dog. Mish and I will build a planter box at the southern edge of the deck, soon. On the left of the photo there will be a step platform. We'll be knocking a hole in the house facing the deck and putting in French doors and steps and a connecting path. Then a bit of planting to soften the edges and some heavy duty outdoor furniture and bring out the cheese and crackers! It's now 9pm and Mish and I have just had a cup of tea on the deck, watching the Southern Cross come out over the city and the lights of Eastbourne on the opposite side of the harbour to the city - we couldn't see Eastbourne before. There are fireworks going off all over the place with a bang and a crackle and sparkle arkle in the dark sky. It's Guy Fawkes night tomorrow, and NZ has fireworks on sale for four days every year.

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