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Thursday, November 15, 2012

A Tiki tour around Wellington

Had a lovely drive with Dave and Lucia around the edge of Wellington today: past the city and Te Papa, round the bays, past the airport, round the Miramar Peninsula, back past the airport, out to Island Bay and back through the city. Peppered with coffee, ice cream, beach fossicking and viewpoint admiring. We collected more rocks and driftwood for landscaping here, a few shells, seaweed bits, a crayfish tail, and sea smoothed bricks (a Mish project). A cracker of a day, Wellington at its best. The harbour deep blue with little whitecaps, warm and sunny and calm. The air clean and fresh. Fabulous. Went to Weta Cave for the first time. That's where Peter Jackson has set up a studio to make stuff for his films, and a large crew of special effects geeks play there. They play a video tour and there's a shop and mini museum and lots of cool weapon replicas, from Lord of the Rings, Avatar, District 9, King Kong, etc - and now, The hobbit. Talk about detailed pieces. Wo.


  1. Hi guys! When I saw mention of the hobbit I at first thought you were talking about David as we refer to his abode as the "hobbit house"! As Dave no doubt informed you we're currently looking for somewhere to live in Northern NSW. The drive from the Gold Coast to work down in Broadwater is wearing a little thin. Dave mentioned you had friends in Lennox with a vacant house? Will drop you an email in the next day or two as it sounds like it could be an option worth exploring. Little Willow is providing us with hours of entertainment. She is starting to move around which will really keep us on our toes from now on. She's such a cool little person. Ok, so 3 in the morning is not the best time share your coolness with anyone who'll listen but it's all part of the package! Hope you're both fit and well. Would love to get over that way some day. Take care.

  2. hey B&R&W! Nice to hear from you. Will ask my mates in Lennox about their house today. Dave showed us videos and shots of you guys - cute as. Good to hear you're all chipper.

  3. It's time to pay a visit to Tongariro as it's putting on a show right now! Wow! Jude