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Friday, November 2, 2012

4,444,444 Kiwis

New Zealand's population hit 4,444,444 yesterday (give or take a day). Encouraging - given that 1000 NZers shift across the Tasman every week. Overheard a conversation this week, waiting for mum at the eye hospital, between a woman who is emigrating in a few days and an inquisitive person sitting next to her. Where's she going - Brisbane (Qld is typical); does she have a job lined up - yes (not typical); does she have family in Oz - yes (typical, some family members make the move and others follow); will she stay in Australia (maybe). NZ is such a little country; Australia is seen as the land of opportunity - more work, more money, more sun, etc. Hence Queensland as the #1 destination, closely followed by WA and the lure of big bucks in mining employment. But, there are also quite a few people who, like us, fly the other way across the Tasman. Mischa's birthday today. She's gone off to work and there's drinks there this afternoon, then dinner for us on the other side of the harbour at Eastbourne, a lovely facial Saturday morning, then deck work in the afternoon. Grey and drizzly outside today (Friday morn), so fingers crossed for a nice day tomorrow.

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  1. Good luck that it's a lovely day tomorrow for birthday beautification and deck construction. Jude