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Monday, October 8, 2012

Spring - and let's get on with the blog!

We're back!

Had a great time in the USA: California, Nevada, Arizona. From the deserts to the cities and sea and the big trees (sequoiadendrons gigantium, I'm sure Mish will correct me if I get that wrong).

But she can't right now cause she's at work!

Yes folks, Mish got herself a kitchen selling job (with a bit of design), as we were sitting in Wellington airport waiting for our flight to LA. She started last week and I'll let her tell you about that. All good.

We got home a week ago and found good stuff (Mark and Ness had concreted in the piles for our new deck), and bad stuff (some twerp has hacked my biz website). Mark Ness to the rescue again and we are all on a learning curve to get the site fixed and more secure when the pages get uploaded again. This morning I got my email back so am getting happier. What is the ruddy point of wrecking my little site we ask ourselves.   Arsehole.

Back to the deck. Yesterday we did another six hours work: sawing, concreting, soil shifting, much measuring, lunch, etc. It is taking shape and will be a great place to have gin and tonics on this summer. Above is a shot taken from the kitchen looking west today.

In other good news, I've just uploaded an ebook. It's an experiment with Smashwords, and it has gone well I think. All yours for US$1.99 from, plus Amazon and all those other ebook dudes. I bunged it on this morning; Operation Red, a YA comic sci-fi novella. 

What with the hacking, the email, website hosting and ebook uploading, my brain is full of tech stuff that I don't want. Must away and read some poetry...


  1. Upload some USA pics please and some of the big redwoods. Enjoy the poetry and deck erection.

  2. As per request; there's one of the big sequoia and a few across the western USA. A wee unedited sample.