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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Olympics watching

Here we go again - woohoo! Watching the Olympics all through the night. Sitting in the living room now, and it's rowing and swimming and cycling at the moment. Of course, there's a New Zealand bias to showing events - isn't that the same the world over though. Hopefully we'll see some Aussie stuff, e.g. the fabulous Matthew Mitcham diving with a wee splash and the effervescent Sally Pearson flying over the hurdles.
Wo - commmentator just saying 'something has gone badly wrong in the Australian boat (mens fours, they're the world champs), can't tell what's going on yet. Makes me think of lay down Sally, but I don't believe it's that bad. The rowing has great crowds and sunshine...the Aussies 3rd, Kiwis fourth.

We're actually good in the rowing (and the horse events), not so great in most other things, although we have a champion shotputter. And we'd probably have some good rifle shooters if they'd stop shooting each other in the forests (dang, that's not a deer?!).

The men double sculls just blitzed the others in a heat and set a new world record, go you Kiwis!

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