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Friday, July 20, 2012

Friday night at a city market

This is new one for Wellington. A small food market off Cuba Mall, open on Friday nights for about a month now. It was great - some kids playing ok music, lots of different foods, some stalls, and terrific bookshop that we hadn't yet discovered. We sampled a chicken curry dahl roti thing, bratwurst 'n' mustard, Chinese dumplings, and a lemon sugar crepe (while having an extended conversation with a lovely stranger), bought a package of books and wandered home to hot choc and blog.

In the pics:  Mish eating those woohoo hot dumplings; the middle of the market with sax tootlers tootling; and the buxomly hot  Hungarian cake maker (loved the contrast of the guy outside with the puffer jacket). The queue was too long for these interesting looking pastry rings that you unpeel - kind of like half a dozen pastry snails stacked together). We're curious - next time!

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