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Monday, June 18, 2012

An 8 layer day

Well its official - I'm a tried (and very tested) zoo volunteer. Boy did I get tested! My first volly day, Saturday, dawned: freezing, wet, windy, sleeting, whitecaps, occasional hail and did I mention gale force winds?  A lovely winters day in Wellington.
So I put on my:

merino bra & long johns
2 pairs of socks
merino polo neck skivvy
black polo neck jumper

and drove to the zoo.  Then over all of the above I put on my volunteer uniform (fleece jacket).

Then, for good measure and to combat the rain, I added the final touch to my ensemble - a jaunty industrial sized bright yellow raincoat.

And guess what! I wasn't cold all day!!! Just goes to show that 8 layers is not too little and not too much-
Just right. Ahhhhh lovely.

I made delicious fruit kebabs for the fruit bats, gave stickers to tiny tots (yes, there were hardy souls visiting!) herded visitors to the chimp/wild animal/ talks and generally helped all to have a good time.  (I did too).

Then I came home and got stuck into the mulled wine to de-thaw. M

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