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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Sunday evening in the little city

Yes, Margoyles was very good; enthusiastic impersonations plumped out with some Dickens' background. A simple set, just her and a couple of chairs and a pianist who plonked occasionally. The Opera House is such a lovely  intimate venue, a quaint Edwardian theatre. We sat next to a couple of women from Canberra who often fly over to watch the Brumbies play NZ sides in the rugby. As you do.

We got there early and had a coffee in the bar; Billy Connolly came and stood beside Mish for a while and we all watched the bartender make a whisky cocktail the traditional way - took him about 8 minutes. We didn't even say hello, what a couple of saps, eh? Connolly strolled down to the front at interval and stood in the queue to get a bit of fizz off the vendor, and most people didn't even notice. He's in town being a dwarf for The hobbit. Ian McKellan is wandering around town too. Nice.

Brilliant day in Wellington. Sunny, calm and autumnal. We've had a play this afternoon laying out a draft deck. Mish loves doing that, laying out hose lines and blocks of wood for me to trip over.

The sun she has set, heaters are on, house is warm, and it's fast approaching mulled wine time...

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